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A Long Strange Walk: A Guide to Fanfiction Writing


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Willmore  Wong  Wilde, J.  Williams  Wilde, B.

Chris Willmore
Homepage:    Ranma 2096

The master writer of Ranma 2096, IMHO one of the best ongoing Ranma fanfic series on the net.   I don't know if he's a member but I've seen 2096 stories posted to the ML so I might as well.  Anyway, all of Willmore's fics are quite...interesting.  His writing style is also quite nice and he is also the master of making memorable characters as evidenced by the very...memorable...cast of Ranma 2096 ranging from ghosts to very psychotic Gosungkugi descendants.

Jeffrey Wong
Homepage:    The Homepage of Jeffrey Wong

Jeffrey Wong is better known as Oneshot. Mr. Wong is an example of extremes. When his fics are good, they are really good. When they're bad, they're really bad. It's quite fortunate that he usually churns out the good fics more often. Prime example is his greatest work to date, Ranma's Girls. Now that is a definite must-read for anyone out there. It's as big as a decent novel and it would be worth your time to go down to his website and download it.

J. Austin Wilde
Homepage:    Bridget and Jamie's Fanfics & Food

J. Austin Wilde is the author of Ranma Goes to War and its sequels, Once More Into The Breach and Chasing The Wind. He is one of the best saga writers I've ever read along with Rob Barba of Tales Of Shampoo fame. His works are definiote must reads and are also masterpieces of plotting and characterization, particularly the character Hiro Ohata which is another memorable new character which I rank alongside Ryo Muhoshin in unforgetableness.

Tim Williams
Homepage:    T. Williams' Page   

The author of the Rebound Effect. Mr. Williams is a very good writer and is also a skilled plotter. His fic is an example of this, though it may seem hazy at first but it is a very good plot overall. The Rebound Effect is another work that I advise beginning fic writers to read if you want to get tips for your writing.

Bridget Engman Wilde
Homepage:    Bridget and Jamie's Fanfics & Food

Basic entry by J. Austin Wilde, with additional note by Elsa Bibat   

Bridget Engman Wilde. I know what you're thinking, he's biased because she's his wife. Fair enough. But consider this: Bridget and I lived about 5,000 miles apart when we first met through fanfiction. A mutual love for each other's work that grew into a mutual love for each other. If you doubt Bridget's prowess as an evocative writer of fiction, I ask you to read Flambe!  For an example of her playful eroticism, thumb through the short but sweet Shizuku. To witness the fruits of her efforts in crafting the uniquely captivating world of Heian Period Japan and what a modern Ranma Saotome does when he's trapped there, read Monogatari.   I tease her mercilessly for taking all day to write one or two paragraphs when in my own works I crank out the pages. The fact is I'm jealous of her ability to turn out an exquisitely crafted work of fiction. Her stories are well plotted. Her characterizations are right on target. The technical aspects of her writing are beyond reproach. Her grasp of humor in the Ranma millieu is so frighteningly close to Takahashi's that sometimes I scratch my head and wonder if she did any ghost writing for the dear little lady across the sea. Quite frankly, this woman amazes me, and more still I am amazed that more people haven't heard much of her. "Old Timers" on the ML mostly. It might have something to do with the dearth of works posted in the last 18 months, but that's how it goes.

I totally agree with Mr. Wilde's estimation of his wife's writing skills; I also advise you to get her work.




Brian Yaple
Homepage:    Knight Productions       

Brian Yaple is the author of Destiny's Path, a very,very big crossover. The thing about Mr. Yaple is his work kinda reminds me of Davies' Together Again saga. The writing style is different but I still have that feeling. Anyway, Yaple is skilled in his own way.  The only way to describe him for me is "Chris Davies Lite".  But I like Yaple since he doesn't put that much pain on his characters. Yeah he hurts his characters but he really can't match Davies in the emotional torture department. I also recommend him
to beginning writers for pointers in plotting and characterization.

Zen  Zu

Homepage:    Zen's Fanfiction Page

Zen is the author of The Bitter End. There are others but this is Zen's claim to fame. If you doubt me, read it and I dare you not to be depressed or have dreams of katanas and blood.  Blood! Blood! It's on me! Get it off! Get it of--er...sorry, had to reread it for analysis. Anyway, The Bitter End is and always will be THE DARKFIC.  Zen's writing style is very good at evoking emotion and characterizations. Zen uses this with great skill in The Bitter End. He makes you involved, making you want to step in and do something, you feel it. It is a testament to his writing skill that The Bitter End is the fic that it is.

Nikholas F. Toledo Zu
Homepage:    Nikholas F. Toledo Zu

Let me explain this entry. There are over a dozen guys and gals who share the name. Anyway, some of them have written very good works of fanfiction. Let me state those that come into my mind. Angel's Chronicles is a very good piece of fiction, even though some people still think it's an SI. Well, maybe a little but it's still some piece of work. The Leper which the author openly claims to be a partial SI, is another very good piece of work. Memories, a rather weird but very hilarious piece of work with cameos from other anime series. I can also name a few other memorable fics. These guys are in the overall very good writers. I also recommend them to beginners for getting pointers in writing style.