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A Long Strange Walk: A Guide to Fanfiction Writing


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Jones  Jamison

Chris Jones
Homepage:    The Cyberwheel

The author of Sailor Moon: Reversal, a Ranma/Eddings crossover (Chaos and Destiny) and a few short fics.   He is skilled at keeping the reader's attention on the story and this has helped him well in his works.  Also as far as I know he is the only person to make a good Eddings/Ranma crossover.

Scott Jamison
Homepage:    SKJAM!'s Fanfic Page

The author of Sauce, Worse and tons of other fics that I have faithfully stored in my hard drive.  SKJAM! as he prefers to be called, is very skilled at writing humorous pieces and most of his work has a comedic bent to it.  He is also skilled writing in both script and prose formats.   He is also the progenitor of the revengefic, a very amusing subgenre started by his story Sauce.

Kleppe  Keener

Gary Kleppe
Homepage:   Comics and Manga Page 

The author of Lost, Pools of Horror, Cat's Prey, but most importantly is the author of the Hearts and Minds series which has the biggest prelude in both original and fanfiction.  He is very good at evoking emotions and I also consider him as a master of drawing the reader into a story.   His works area sign of this, when he wants it depressing then it's depressing if he wants it humorous it's humorous, his writing style is very flexible as is his work.

Homepage:    no homepage

The author of Suicide Blast. Though I think that is his lone work, it is a masterpiece of evoking emotion and description.   I recommend his work for beginners to study if they need an example for an emotion fic.

Lurker  Loader  Lawson  Lord Archive  Lewis, M.  Leifker   Lewis, C.  Lee

The Eternal Lost Lurker
Homepage:    The Eternal Lost Lurker's Fanfiction

The author of Onna:Red Side, They Call Him Mr.Happy and other fics.  A proficient and flexible writer, he is skilled in evoking emotions and has incredible skill in drawing the reader into the story as attested by Onna: Red Side.  He is also a skilled plotter as the plotting in his stories show.

Mike Loader
Homepage:    Transpacific Fanfiction!

The author of Smoke and Mirrors and many others.  He is also coauthor of Ill Met By Starlight, which I prefer to call "The Psycho Ranma Fic".   Skilled in dialogue and setting the atmosphere, he is also skilled in characterization as shown to us by his work on Ill Met By Starlight.   His style is also quite flexible as attested by his work on several dark fics and his work on the funny Nameless Sequel.

Richard Lawson
Homepage:    Richard Lawson's Fanfics

The author of Thy Inward Love, Thy Outward Part, Magic and many other Ranma fics along with a smattering of Nuku-Nuku fics along the way.  Richard is a plotter extraordinaire as shown by his TiL and ToP series.  Also he is a master of evoking emotions and characteriztion especially in his Kodachi/Ranma fic Roses of the Shadow.

Lord Archive
Homepage:    Lord Archive's Ranma Fanfic Page

The author of Rejected and many other Ranma fics, genres ranging from Dark to Original Flavor.  His writing style is flexible, all of his works having both emotion and characterization driving the story forward.

Matthew Lewis
Homepage:    no homepage

The author of Oracle, Ice Cream and other fics.  His style is similar to Lord Archive in the fact that he draws emotions from the reader and letting us care for the characters.   I recommend both of them to beginners for analysis as to how fanfics tick.


Nicholas Leifker
Homepage:    Nightelf's Elysium

The author of the Circe Project and other works.  He is the undoubted master of evoking emotion alongside Joseph Palmer, though Nicholas is more considered with the darker emotions.  An underlying sense of sadness is in most of his works.  I recommend his works if you really want to be depressed or as reference on evoking sadness in a darkfic.

Charles Lewis
Homepage:    no homepage

Entry by Damon Casale

Charles Lewis, author of the yet-incomplete Machina non Grata, a very gritty, dark portrayal of the BGC universe that rivals Edgar Allan Poe's ability to shape words and ideas into strange and macabre forms.

James Lee
Homepage:    Bloody Paintbrush Inc.

The author of Alternate Future, A Better Future and Nodoka's Daughter. His Alternate Future and Better Future are two of the best Ranma/NGE works on the FFML and I recommend them for their incredible mixing of what are basically incompatible series. JLee's writing style is most evident in Nodoka's Daughter, his ability of evoking emotion and crafting dialogue evident in his work. He has also showed considerable skill in plotting in all of his works. I also recommend him along with Raymond Haney for beginning writers for work dissection.