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A Long Strange Walk: A Guide to Fanfiction Writing


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Jeanne Hedge
Homepage:    HedgeNet

Entry by Chris Angel

Jeanne Hedge is one of the best-known pure BGC writers on the net.  Her synopses and work on the series have gained her public recognition in the BGC RPG by R. Talsorian Games.   Her writing style and character development match the overall tone of the original series well, and her works tend to focus on bringing out more of the character's hidden sides--the part that the OAVs only seemed to hint at.  One of her is True Love, that shows Priss' and the Sabers' reaction to the sort of obsessed fans celebrities have to deal with.

Andrew Huang
Homepage:    Anime Fanfiction

The author of Neon Genesis Evanjellydonut and other very successful works on Evangelion.  A very skilled writer, the best word to describe his style is "Pratchetty", since Terry Pratchett seems to have influenced his work a lot even in his serious work.

Alan Harnum
Homepage:    Waters Under Earth

The author of Waters Under Earth, a work that has the same effect on me as one of Robert Jordan's WoT novels.  His works are studies of excellent plotting.  He has the ability to keep the reader interested, curious of what is to happen to the characters of history.   He is also a master at creating images in your head that will last long after you have read his work.

Raymond Haney
Homepage:    The Junkroom

The author of Hidden Talents.  His works are excellent examples of letting both emotions and character drive the story. His works are also quite excellent examples for the beginning writer to study.  I put in quite a few hours to dissect his works in my home to see how they tick and I advise that beginners do this too.

Homepage:    Aikan Muyo

The author of Aikan Muyo. Yes, it's a lemon but it's also a drama. The lemon bits are just there, I think, to spice things up. Emotions run rampant in the story, driving the story forward.   Finely crafted dialogue helps in this, too.  Beginners should also examine this work, then move onto Joseph Palmer's work for more ideas on letting emotion drive the story.

Brett Handy
Homepage:    Darkwind's Fan Fiction

The author of Oh My God!, one of the best SIs on the FFML. The great dialogue and the masterful plotting are incredible in that sense.  Also like all writers Brett makes you care for the characters, Brett even more so.  His style's a bit like Chris Angel, both having that incredible charm one can sense in their works.

Cory Holmes
Homepage:    no homepage

The author of Home, IMHO one of the best Evangelion works on the FFML.  It is dark and depressing, but it is also a finely crafted piece of work. Cory has got plotting and dialogue mastered. He is also skilled in evoking emotions and making you care for the characters.

David Homerick
Homepage:    no homepage

The author of Missy Foxglove, which is the equivalent of Macho Caballo in the Original fic department.  David's style is both emotion and character driven. You feel for Foxglove. Yes, she's someone who kills magical girls but you just can't feel anything than sorry for her.  David's plot both makes us pity Foxglove and love her at the same time.  Missy Foxglove and Macho Caballo are the definite leaders in the field of Original fics.

Douglas Helm
Homepage:    GSCP - Anime Fanfiction

The author of Mama's Hand and the Tales of the Younger Senshi series.  His style is similar to David Homerick in that they are both emotion and character driven, Mr. Helm just does it for Sailor Moon. Anyway, Helm is also a master at evoking emotion and dragging the reader in by making you either care a lot more than usual for the characters or hate them more than usual, as demonstrated in Mama's Hand.

Jessica Faith Hardy
Homepage:    The Kingdom of the Roots

The resident mistress of Blueseed and also starting a crossover series Eternity's Tears.   She is a very good writer, anyone who could get me interested in an anime by just reading the fanfic is an impressive feat.  She is skilled in keeping the reader's attention and keeping them curious to find out what happened. Her style is definitely improving.


Ichinohei Hitomi
Address:        no known address       
Homepage:    no homepage

Entry by Gary Kleppe

Ichinohei Hitomi is the author of A Son's Duty and several other fics, most of which deal with trans-gender issues. She is a popular writer but a controversial one, less so for her stories than for questions regarding her real-life identity.