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Davies  Doherty  Dynon  De la Merced  Doenime  D.Fire

Chris Davies
Homepage:    Stories by Chris Davies

The author of the immense Together Again saga and its little associated stories set in that continuity.  Mr. Davies matches Biles in his skills of plot weaving and saga creation.  Also, like Biles, he is skilled in both script and prose formats, capable of writing an engaging story in both.

Mark Doherty
Homepage:    Mark Doherty's Fanfics

The author of I'm Here To Help, Knights of the Saber, 100% Woman,and, I think his biggest work to date, Ryouga and Ukyou. Mark is a master of characterization and his Emerald matches Frank Barr's Trenchcoat Mask and Chris Angel's Crimson in my favorite original SM characters list. His works are quite a joy to read and are excellent examples of character-driven plots.

Andrew Dynon
Homepage:    no homepage

The author of Operation Lightsphere, a Teknoman/Iczer crossover. He is a good prose writer and has incredible skills in plotting, following the three C's I outlined in ALSW. It is quite sad that his work is unnoticed because of the relative obscurity of his subject series.

Florencio B. De la Merced
Homepage:    Florencio's Fan Fiction Pages   

The author of Silly, Angelus Returnen Incarnatus, The Son He Never Was, In My Life and The Legend Of El Hazard: The World Of The Ancient Gods among others. A skilled writer, he can breathe life into plots that would sometimes put me to sleep. His fics have that charm in them that makes me want to read them again.

Susan Doenime
Homepage:    Transpacific Fanfiction!

Entry by Ryoucilo

Susan Doenime is known for two things: great writing and a deep hatred of Kasumi. Fortunately not too many people seem to take notice of the latter, but more of the first. Her writings are often short with such great dark comedies as Kasumi's Guest and Ukyo Can Cook and also can create poignant tales like Poison. She also serves as one of the writers of Ill Met By Starlight which has garnered her much deserved praise. As one of the few authors that hates Kasumi she can get away with it just as long as she continues to write well crafted and fascinating stories.

D. Fire
Homepage:    Sword and Sorcery   

The author of Sword and Sorcery, a Ranma ½ fic set in a fantasy world of elves and wizards. His work is a masterpiece of plotting and could be held up as a prim example to an old writer's advice: the simpler the plot, the subtler the plotting. A very admirable piece of work, the only disadvantage is he takes a long time between the release of chapters.


Eddy  Eades

David Eddy
Homepage:    David Eddy's Fanfiction   

The author of Nekophobia, Second Time Around, Wild Child and that cute little lemon, Careless Destiny. A very good author, especially skilled in crafting dialogue and evoking emotion, his prose style is perfect for his works. He also makes a pretty good lemon ! ~_^

James Eades
Homepage:    The Macho Caballo Page   

The author of Macho Caballo, IMHO one of the best original fics on the FFML. He is a very good writer, as proven by the fact that I haven't fallen asleep or have been tempted to delete his fic. I usually delete original fics once I've read a little part of it and doesn't pass my standards.  James' fic passed with flying colors, something only David Homerick, author of the original fic Missy Foxglove has been able to do.


Gamlain  Gaffney  Gagne  Giroux  Greenbeans

Address:        no known address
Homepage:    no homepage

The author of one of the most interesting SIs in FFML history, Youma Blues. A very good writer in first-person POV, it helps considerably well in his writing of, I think, the only SI in history where the author is, well, a villain. Well thought out series, but he really needs a prereader to help with the typos.

Sean Gaffney
Homepage:    Sean Gaffney's Fanfics!

The author of Won't Get Fooled Again, Complete Control, Lucky and another favorite SI of mine, Made Of Stone.  Sean has a great skill in evoking emotion in his writing which he uses effectively in all his stories.  He is currently married to Hotaru Tomoe-Gaffney and DJ for KCTF--the best radio station in Crystal Tokyo. ~_^

Stefan Gagne
Homepage:    Spoof Chase Productions


The author some of the most hilarious works of fanfiction on the 'net.   His works include his writings for Spoof Chase Productions like the Magical Troubleshooting Crossover Fighting Tournament and his current work Slayers Reflect, one of the few Slayers fics out there. His style is very humorous and similar to Andrew Huang's, whose style I have described as "Pratchetty".  He is, along with Ryoucilo, one of the funniest writers on the FFML.

Louis-Phillipe Giroux
Homepage:    Phoenix's Den   

The author of Lines Of Destiny, IMHO the best Ranma/SM crossover out there.  He is also author of Point of No Return, one of the few Lodoss War fics out there and is planning on writing Differing Powers, a Ranma½/WoT crossover.   Louis is extremely skilled in the use of details and dialogue to advance the stories he writes.  His works are also examples of masterful plotting, something that all writers, both fanfic and original, must possess.

Homepage:    Greenbeans' Homepage   

Greenbeans (Amanda Anderson in real life) is one of the best writers of SM fanfics, though currently off the FFML.   She is most popularly known for her College Life, a stunning piece of self-insertion that does not end up with her having powers or being reincarnated person from the Silver Millenium; nothing extraordinary whatsoever except for the fact that she managed to become Michiru and Haruka's classmate in college, resulting in a more emotional piece of work for a SI, without the angst.  A definite must read along with her other works.  Additionally, her webpage is one of the better writer resources for SM, complete from height differences to character themesongs even to indepth character explanations and a technical report on writing fanfics--a much more formal version of my ALSW, which it should be since it was submitted for a report to the University of Oregon.   A very good place to go to for both veteran and beginning writers.