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A Long Strange Walk: A Guide to Fanfiction Writing


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Ryoucilo  Rao  Rogers  RpM

Homepage:    no homepage

The author of so many fics that I can't count all of them.  His fics are usually shorts that don't go over 30-40 kb.  What's special about Ryoucilo is his ability to make sick, disgusting and sometimes totally perverted fics and still manage not to reach the Oscar level.  Heck, some of it is even downright excellent, and all of them are funny as hell.

Anand Rao
Homepage:    The Deranged Otaku

The author of A Stained Glass Mind, For the Children and the Kasumi/Ranma fic which I forgot the title.   His style is emotion driven, evoking atmosphere and emotions in such a way that you become entranced with the story.

Christian Rogers
Homepage:    The Flashman's Flash Point

Christian Rogers is the Flashman, author of TRIO, The FFML Royal Rumble and other fics.  His work to say the least is action-packed, a roller coaster ride of emotions, character and battle scenes that some authors would sell their brothers for.  His style draws you in to the story, enhancing their enjoyment value and readability.

Homepage:    M Productions   

RpM is the author of The More Things Change,   The Pursuit of Happiness and other fics.  He is also best known for creating Ryo Muhoshin, undoubtedly one of the most popular character in anime fanfiction.  His style has the ability to be flexible, able to evoke both joy and despair when necessary.

Solathei  Skuse  Seawright  Sommer  Sandborn  Stormwalker

Sailor Solathei
Address:        no known address       
Homepage:    no homepage   

The author of Children of Jenova, the best FF7 fanfic on the FFML. She is very skilled in plotting as shown by her fic. She also has the ability for excellent characterizations that make reading her fics a great joy.

Andy Skuse
Homepage:    The Webpages of Andy Skuse

Entry by Damon Casale

Andy Skuse is the author of Bubblegum Cross.   He's written a decent story, managing to weave new elements seamlessly into the canon BGC that we know and love.  Blackie, Sylia's "boomer" brother, is one of the best original characters I've seen to date (in a BGC fic, that is).  Priss' usual, rather shallow stormy disposition is developed and deepened into something three-dimensional and living.   It's good reading if you want to learn how to develop your characters well.

Caroline Seawright
Homepage:    Kunoichi's Web Pages

The author of Ranma Nibunnoichi, making her my favorite lemon writer. She is very skilled in writing emotions and feelings as evidenced by her work on the lemons and as attested by her new non-lemon Red Dwarf work, Death Is Not The End.

D. B. Sommer
Homepage:    Azatlan's Homepage

D.B. Sommer is the author of Shampoo , one of the best Ranma alternate histories on the FFML. He is skilled both evoking emotions and setting the atmosphere for the fic. He is also a master plotter as evidenced by the roller coaster ride that Shampoo is.

Greg Sandborn
Homepage:    The Great American Outback

Basic entry by Elsa Bibat, with additional note by the author himself

Greg Sandborn is the author of Nabiki: New Horizons. His style has the ability to create vivid scenes and evoke emotions. Also, his masterful characterizations and magnificent plotting makes his work one of the classics of fanfiction.

According to a recent email, "Greg can currently be found in a large, underground bunker somewhere in Kansas attended to by his lovely Sioux-born wife and 12 of the most beautiful Oglala Lakota Sioux Native Americans ever seen south of the Pine Ridge Reservation. He's thought to be fond of guns and Fosters - not necessarily in that order."

Homepage:    The Tempest

Entry by Damon Casale

Stormwalker, aka Douglas Reeves, author of Bubblegum Collision and Bubblegum Collapse, is an excellent darkfic writer. Putting the cyberpunk back into Bubblegum Crisis, he explores and develops the characters of all four of the Knight Sabers, in the midst of massive chaos and destruction.