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A Long Strange Walk: A Guide to Fanfiction Writing


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Tatum  Teknos Warhammer  Tiger  Thompson  Tsai  Tonbo   Toler  Tai  Thomas

David Tatum
Homepage:    Anime Fanfics...

The author of many fics having at least one person named Desaix in the cast. That's a distinct trait of his work, just a little nit. Anyway, he is skilled writer and all of his works are examples of good plotting. He also has the ability to evoke strong emotions which he uses to great effect in some of his fics.

Teknos Warhammer
Homepage:    The Legacy of the Teknos

The author of what I shall call the Teknoman shared universe since he managed to weave Ranma , Sailor Moon, Evangelion and others into the Teknoman universe. That achievement is a tribute to his skill in plotting and characterization.

T. H. Tiger
Homepage:    no homepage

The author of Shikinma Interface, Tenchi and Ranma: Together Forever and other fics. He is a very skilled writer as shown by his works, which are masterpieces of plotting and crafting dialogue.

Jeremy Thompson
Homepage:    Lost and Forgotten   

The author of Lost and Forgotten, one of the most innovative SIs I've ever read. His style is very good at setting atmosphere and creating vivid scenes.  This SI is innovative in that Jude, Jeremy's character is an absolutely normal and sane fellow. You don't see those in SIs much, nowadays.

Stephen Tsai
Homepage:    Kimagure Orange College (Main site)   

The head author of Kimagure Orange College and Bishoujo No Senshi Sailor Ranma. He is a skilled writer in the script format, which I should say is much harder than it looks. His style is also eminently suited for both. His work is something I advise beginners to study if they want to make script format stories.

Homepage:    Tonbo's Fanfic Page   

The author of The Plan. He is a very good beginning writer. That is why advise other beginners to take a look at The Plan to get a few more tips on writing fanfics.

Cindy Toler
Homepage:    Yoiko's Web Pages!

Entry by Gary Kleppe   

Cindy "Yoiko" Toler has written a variety of fics, including The Blood is the Life, The Trouble With Truffles, and Heart of the Warrior.  She is a skillful writer who intermixes doses of real-life situations into her work.

David Tai
Homepage:    Daigakusei no Ranma/Daigakusei no Ukyou

Basic entry by RpM, Additional notes Elsa Bibat

David Tai is the founder of Daigokusei no Ranma, as well as a few other stories. He also co-wrote with RpM on Dire Fates. He is a marvelous writer and very skilled.

Heck, anyone who worked with RpM and the guys in DnR must be good! His style blends seamlessly with the other writers.

Libby Thomas
Homepage:    A Duet of Pigtails

Entry by Rob Barba   

Elizabeth Thomas is the author of what is undoubtedly the epitome of the Ranma/Rayearth crossover, the well-lauded A Duet of Pigtails.  A master of drama and plot, she has also shown a capabilitiy for emotional portrayal, as well.  Additionally, her work as the co-writer of Sailor Moon AX and a dozen other short fics of her own, proves her to be quite diverse and capable of handling any series with a flair and sense of style.  Her abilities as a truly talented wordsmith make this author one to watch for.



Van Vliet

Bert Van Vliet
Homepage:    The Bubblegum Zone    

Bert Van Vliet is technically off the FFML, but I asked him and since he was formerly part of it and his work is definitely a classic, I decided to include him anyway. Bert is known for, IMHO one of the greatest SI work on the net, The Bubblegum Zone.  Hell, each chapter is big enough for a short novel and along with the fact that there are currently nine of these and one on the way, a newcomer will be reaing for quite awhile. And trust me Bert's work is an exciting read. He is a master of plotting as shown by his work, which I compare to a belt of firecrackers. He is also the writer of some of the most riveting battle scenes, which are strewn liberally across his work as attested by the tons of boomer and hardsuit parts that get blown to bits each installment.