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A Long Strange Walk: A Guide to Fanfiction Writing


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Mackinnon  Macspon  Masters  Megane 6.7

Mark Mackinnon
Homepage:    The Shadow Chronicles

The author of the Shadow Chronicles, a huge Ranma saga.  He is on par with the other Ranma saga writers as Rob Barba and Krista Perry. His works are filled with emotion filled scenes and splendid characterization.  He is also a master of plotting as evidenced by the subplots and twists in his work. 

Angus Macspon
Homepage:    Fanfic by Angus MacSpon

The author of Autumn and Spring and Sailormoon 4200.  His works are filled with emotion and excellent characterization.  His Autumn and Spring is a classic of emotion and skilled plotting, another fanfic that I recommend beginning fic writers to study.

Phillip Masters
Homepage:    PM Productions

Phillip Masters is the author so of many fics in my archives that to list them all would take all my time.  His style is obviously very flexible as his works shift genres like crazed wombats.  Masterful emotions and excellent characterizations mark his work I also recommend him to the beginners as an example for fanfic writing.

Megane 6.7
Homepage:    no homepage

Entry by Gary Kleppe

Megane 6.7 (Warren Casper) is best known as the author of a hilariously funny series of fanfiction MSTings, Mystery Science Theater 6.7.   His other stories are also well worth reading.  They include character-based dramas like A Day in the Past, as well as lemons.

Neef  Nelson  Noakes

Bryan Neef
Homepage:    Bryan's Fiction   

The author of Ranma's Curse and Ranma's Memories, two of the most amazing pieces of Ranma fanfiction I've ever read. His works are masterpieces of using emotions to drive the story forward. Along with excellent plotting these two works are classics of Ranma fanfiction.

Curtiss Nelson
Address:        no known address       
Homepage:    no homepage

The author of Night Sabers. It is the only excellent World of Darkness/anime fusion I've read ( I do not count John Biles' Kodachi Elseworld since it's too goofy).  Curtiss is also a master of setting atmosphere and has an eye for detail that most fanfic writers cannot match.

Michael Noakes
Homepage:    Mike's Home Page

Entry by Gary Kleppe

Michael Noakes is the author of the Choices series, as well as many other stories.  He is noted for exceptional prose skill and compelling character drama, as well as for taking extremely large amounts of time to finish his fics.

Olsen  Oliver  Oscar

Chris Olsen
Homepage:    Pat's Page of Anime and Gaming

c_olsen.jpg (123992 bytes)   

The author of A Different Viewpoint. Yes, a beginner work and, as Chris insisted, an SI. It is nicely plotted and excellently uses characterization to forward the plot. It is one of the beginner works. I mean the in the sense that it as an example of an excellent beginner's work along with Tonbo's The Plan. Beginners are expected to take a look at this to pick up a few useful tips on writing fanfics.

Peter J. Oliver
Address:        no known address
Homepage:    no homepage

The author of Nuke 'em till they Glow, IMHO the greatest SM spoof of all time. Peter has an excellent hand for humor and has excellent characterization skills as proved by several of his characters: The Atomic Starlight Knight, Arby the Arbyfish, Paracyte and Terra Incognita. Also a master hand at plotting, he uses it to good use in creating very humorous scenes, poking fun at various things, from SM to Monty Python.


Oscar is undescribable. Let's just say if you see him as the author of a fic, delete it or leave the website.  For those brave folks who want to find out how bad Oscar is, visit his vault. Ask Megane 6.7 for directions.

Palmer  Perry  Pratt  Page

Joseph Palmer
Homepage:    Ranma 1/2 Fan Fictions

palmer.jpg (43544 bytes)   

The author of the Seasons series and the Colors series. His works are the epitome of emotion.  His style definitely fits his chosen genre, the WAFF.  Emotion and atmosphere are excellently crafted by him in his fics. Another recommended for beginners to study for emotion.

Krista Perry
Homepage:    Krista's Home Page!

The author of Hearts of Ice, one of the best Ranma stories I've ever read.  She is the mistress of the literary concept of urgency or as the laymen call it 'The Cliffhanger'.   Also skilled in plotting , characterization and evoking emotion, Hearts of Ice is a masterpiece of all three.

Jorge Pratt
Homepage:    no homepage

Entry by The Eternal Lost Lurker

Jorge Pratt (aka Zephyr): Author of the Song of the Phoenix saga, better known by the titles of its individual parts: The Four Birds of Fire, The Caller's Plight, and Lightbirds. Pratt may be a somewhat slow writer, but the quality (and sheer size) of his works more than makes up for it...The Caller's Plight was 2.3 MEGABYTES long, and only dragged in two or three places! Best suited for epics, Pratt also has some works which have not yet made appearances on the FFML, but which are no less remarkable than his SotP epic.

Mark Page
Homepage:    no homepage

Mark Page (also known as Dark Day For Anime) is the author of the controversial Usagi is Dead series along with the Barking Snout series, The Sailor Investigation Unit and a really weird Monty Python/SM/whatchamacallit crossover I accidentally deleted.  The best I can describe of his style is something like Anno Hiddeaki and other like-minded individuals working together to make your brain explode. The UID series is filled with blood, gore, violence and incredible amounts of stuff that could mess with anyone's mind. And that is a good thing. All of his works have this surreal feel to it that I personally like. Though his works have this tendency to make anyone's head hurt, I recommend him for both skill and originality