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The lone entry at A is the writer of Siblings, Shieldsman, Oh My Brother!, Age of Evangelion, Mirai Muyo (you really should finish it, Chris), God's Toy and Turn The Page. He is also participant of CALF Productions' SI Otaku Leap. Anyway, his works are quite good by my standards. I've constantly reread his Shieldsman and Oh My Brother! series.  He has the urge to put in new characters that I suspect act a lot like him.  His works do not suffer from this little quirk, but are enhanced by it. His works have that charm to them.

Becerra  Biles  Bartram  Beaubien  Barba


The author of Legion's Quest, one of the best SIs I've ever read.  I recommend you go to his webpage and get the entire series.  His writing skills are quite good, making his works quite an enjoyable read.

The author of such classics of fanfiction as Dance of Shiva, Lemon Sherbet, Putting Your Heart in the Right Place and many others. He's also got this cool WoT RPG on his page. Anyway, his skills at writing is incredible. As Andrew Huang puts it, he is an "epic-weaver". His interweaving of plot points and excellent writing skills make his works classics of the field.

The author of Kazuo's Kind, Wolf in Samurai's Clothing, Twisted Destiny and quite a few unforgettable lemons. She is a very good writer and I'll be constantly rereading her lemons for a long time. ~_^

The author of two unforgettable Hime-chan No Ribbon fics and The Eating Guide to the Silver Millenium.   He is a masterful mood setter, and as shown by his fics, quite flexible, skilled in both serious introspection and comedy.

The author of The Tales of Shampoo and primary author of Sailor Moon AX. Like Biles, he is an epic weaver, able to get many plot points to weave into one whole.  His work is very, very good.  Trust me, you'll forget the time while reading his fics as you are caught up in the story.

Cheng  Cobb


Best known for his work on the Life and Times series, a real big crossover which at the very heart has every unattached female in the anime universe going after Ranma. Excellent style that blends humor and romance.

The resident Urusei Yatsura writer. His premiere work is in his Oh My Goddess!/Urusei Yatsura fanfic Chaos and Death. He is also a master spamfic writer, matched only by Ryoucilo in skill of creating delightful little shorts.